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Do you have trouble reaching your clients and customers online? Poor web design might be the reason why! We live in a digital era where everything can be done on the Internet. Modern users value their time. They go online to shop and book services, and if they cannot locate your company on the SERP or struggle to find their way around your website – you are losing money.

The Web Spot offers a wide range of web development services that will help you put your business on the map and start making a profit. Our staff comprises of experienced specialists in the field of web and mobile app development, SEO promotion, web design, 3D rendering, and creating promotional movies. Your website is your online business card. Develop your brand with the web spot Web to stay ahead of the competition!



The Spot is a community centre designed to be a beautiful space for start-up businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, art lovers and everyone else in Marrakech. The Spot strives to push you to achieve your full creative and productive potentials.

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Website Creation

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We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.

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The Spot dedicates one of its corners to Artists and art lovers. Monthly art exhibitions and artistic meetings will be organized. The gallery is open to all talented artists. To be featured, please send us a portfolio and a short description of your work. Our team will contact you should you be selected.

The spot is a co-working space designed with the theme of a relaxed café that has hotdesks supporting start-up businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, art lovers and everyone else in Marrakech. It is located at the very heart of Marrakech in Gueliz where you are in close proximity to shops, restaurants and other convenience stores. We have designed The Spot in a style that urges you to achieve your full creative and productive potentials thanks to our fast and uninterrupted internet connection, quiet space and other small details that are here with the intent of putting you in a productive mood.

The Spot is the only co-working space that exists in Marrakech and it is located in Gueliz at N° 32, Rue Yugoslavie, Marrakech.

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AIf you’re a student, we offer you an Hour Pass that lasts up to 3 hours of access at any time of the day (from 08:00 to 21:00) at a price of 30 MAD. You may also have a full day access when you purchase a Day Pass for 50 MAD. additionally, we offer you a Week Pass (from 08:00 to midnight) for 300 MAD and a Month Pass for 1100 MAD where you have access to our Spot from 08:00 to 00:00. However, if you are a regular person, we offer you an Hour Pass for the same price, a Day Pass for 70 MAD, a Week Pass for 450 MAD and a Month Pass for 1500 MAD.