“Entrepreneurship and innovation are the twin values that are both stepping stones towards freedom, social mobility and prosperity...” - His Majesty the King Mohamed VI GES, 2014

Co-working spaces are the innovative revolution that transformed the face of sharing office space between different companies in the last decade. This model has a lot of advantages for startups and entrepreneurs to start their operations, also self-employment. 

In Morocco, the Minister of Labor and Professional Integration, Mohamed Amkraz, stressed  about the need to encourage self-employment, given the opportunities it offers to youth, calling on the government and concerned institutions to make more effort to promote this sector. Coworking spaces will certainly be a game-changer to get at this vision, especially for all the advantages they provide for project idea holders with limited resources and skills.

Depending on your finances and family situation, working from home can be advantageous, but it can also leave you isolated or subject to distractions that can impact your productivity, perhaps you need to discover the benefits of coworking spaces. 

Coworking Offers Collaboration and Synergy :

 A vibrant community experience that results in a wider social network is the prime benefits of coworking spaces, in such an environment, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside other entrepreneurs who will sharpen your skills this will expand your ability to think outside the box (and may even allow you to pick up additional skills you wouldn’t have acquired on your own). A coworking environment can provide:

  • A flexible, convenient, and professional work environment that encourages productivity.
  • The necessary separation and balance between work and life that many people require.
  • Positive social interaction—the human touch and sense of community.

Coworking Spaces Are Ideal for Low-Cost Startups :

 When it comes to funding startups, it is not always possible to rent a traditional office space owing to its high rentals, so renting a desk at a coworking space will be much lower than renting an office space. Providing flexibility of renting period, they can be rented for a week, a day, a month or a year.

Startups which opt for co-working spaces often find it as one of the support systems for their business growth, they can benefit of great infrastructure, 24/7, prominent locations and like-minded entrepreneurs at coworking spaces. So, they are evolving with customer’s needs to help them feel at home, enjoy the vibrancy of the space, collaborate and learn from their peers, and ultimately increase their productivity and overall happiness.

How coworking spaces contribute in economic growth ?

 We’ve seen it in the past: changes in the economy affect changes in the society. Today, more than ever, we as citizens and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to radically impact our society -Anis Bedda. 

The small business ecosystems that coworking spaces help grow are able to bolster a creative spirit in local communities, creating a sharing economy that renders these endeavors financially attainable. Coworking spaces provide flexible packages with shared amenities and resources, allowing small business owners to focus on getting their operations off the ground, rather than worrying about fundraising or paying back debt.They also benefit local economies by keeping innovative, entrepreneurial talent where it belongs: in the community.

A smart solution for modern work lifestyle :

 Coworking spaces are definitely an option worth considering either you need a base or on-call hub for all your essential business functions or looking for a less expensive, noisy and distracting environment than a cafe. With a lot of examples.

By now, more and more people are used to a flexible work environment, better work-life balance and other benefits provided to them by coworking offices, which leads to higher productivity, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking due to the infrastructure and framework they provide, supporting innovation and experimentation causing social mobility that impacts different area’s performance increasing prosperity and economic growth.